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April 9, 2024ZoteroDo you want a citation management tool that works for you here and for your career beyond UF? Zotero is an open-source citation management software that you can use to import references from the web or a variety of databases, organize and share your citations, annotate papers, and insert citations directly into your own papers.WritingRegister
April 19, 2024NIH Public Access Policy ComplianceThis workshop provides an introduction to the NIH Public Access Policy and demonstrates how to fulfill compliance requirements. We will cover how to use the NIH Manuscript Submission System and discuss the various approaches of journal publishers towards compliance.WritingRegister
April 24, 2024Healthy Rest as a Steppingstone to Productivity and Well-beingThis session will focus on healthy rest, which is key to effectiveness at work and overall mental and physical health. However, many researchers find it challenging to incorporate it as a regular practice. This lecture and conversation will define what constitutes healthy rest, explore its benefits, discuss impediments to practice healthy rest, and offer ways to intentionally include rest into one’s lifestyle.Personal GrowthRegister
May 14-17, 2024NIH Career SymposiumUnleash the potential of your research/medical training at the NIH Career Symposium! Whether you're just beginning to explore your career options, seeking guidance for your next steps, or already on the job market, this event is designed to propel you toward success.Job SearchingRegister