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Become a Leadership Coach

The Brown Center for Leadership & Service is excited to announce that Leadership Coach Applications for fall 2018 are open now through August 24th.

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students are invited to apply to facilitate the LeadUF experience!

LeadUF, hosted by the David & Wanda Brown Center for Leadership & Service, is looking for Leadership Coaches to motivate and support students during this semester-long leadership development program. Coaches assist participants in identifying their personal leadership framework while fostering a mentoring relationship with participants.

The time requirement for leadership coaches includes an overnight kick-off retreat at Camp Weed, one check in with the students during the semester, and a closing day retreat in Gainesville.  Applications close August 24th.  For more information and to submit an application, please visit http://bit.ly/LeadUFCoach

About thirty graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty devoted four Friday afternoons in June to our second annual “Leadership in Action” workshop.  They explored leadership styles and strengths, experienced hands-on activities highlighting leadership skills and application of team-building skills to professional and career goals, identified areas of growth and potential career paths, and created five-year plans to work toward their professional goals.  On the last day we enjoyed a closing plenary session presented by Dr. David Gusick.  In what ended up being hi last official act as our Senior Vice President for Health Affairs, Dr. Gusick shared his “Leadership Pearls”.  Workshop participants then met in small groups to share their five-year plans and discuss ways to put their leadership skills and plans into action.
Regardless of your intended career pathway, today’s health research predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees must be well rounded in a variety of leadership skills and abilities while defining career goals and action steps.  Consider participating in this workshop next year!  Through a four-week practical and interactive series, you will enhance your skills as a leader in the context of your career and professional development.  Based on the social change model and design thinking, you will work with a network of faculty members and peers to develop into a well-rounded professional prepared for the health sciences research workforce, while learning how to translate your research training to be a positive force for change.  A certificate of completion will be awarded for attending all four sessions.

Managing at UF: The Supervisory Challenge

The Supervisory Challenge is designed to provide University of Florida leaders with meaningful information about the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for being an effective manager in our diverse university environment.  Certification is available, with a range of workshops designed with UF in mind. All workshops are free and open to all faculty and staff who are interested in learning more about being an effective manager.

To achieve the “Managing at UF” certification, participants will attend ten required workshops and two electives—for a total of 12 workshops. Employees who choose to work toward the Managing at UF: The Supervisory Challenge certificate can do so at their own pace and complete workshops in any order. There is no time limit for completion of the new certificate.  MORE INFORMATION