booksGMS 7950, Fundamentals of Biomedical Science Education

The next time this course will be offered is Fall 2020.

Biomedical scientists are trained during graduate school and postdoctoral studies to be researchers.  However, those who pursue academic career tracks are also expected to teach, and are often not well prepared for this faculty assignment.  This elective course provides an overview of educational issues faced by biomedical scientists teaching at the undergraduate, graduate, and/or professional level.  The goal of the course is to familiarize biomedical science graduate students interested in pursuing academic career tracks with techniques that are the most relevant for beginning teachers, e.g., teaching skills & strategies and the underlying theory of learning and teaching.  The course will use a variety of teaching formats modeling teaching behaviors, and will provide practical guidelines for a variety of teaching skills.  MEETING DAYS AND TIME TO BE ARRANGED.  Link to draft syllabus

This course is not part of the certificate series described below, and is ideal for students who would like an overview of key teaching principles.  For more in-depth study and experience, please consider taking the courses described above.

Creating Online Experiential Learning

Wednesday, July 8 from 3:00pm – 5:00pm via Zoom.

Presented by Andrew Wolpert
This active workshop describes what experiential learning is and how you can do it online. Hear how other faculty have created out-of-the-classroom activities that provide a meaningful connection with work performed in the discipline. Work with peers to brainstorm ideas for experiential activities in your course. Hear what students think about your ideas!

Applicable Passport Categories: Active Learning, Experiential Learning, Great Online Teaching, Student Focused Teaching


Creating Global Classrooms Through Virtual Exchange

Presented by Paloma Rodriguez
This workshop introduces faculty to Virtual Exchange (VE) as a tool to infuse global perspectives into their courses. VE activities involve online collaboration and learning among UF students and students in other parts of the world, providing them with a real-life international experience.

In this workshop, participants will discover different types of virtual exchange activities designed by UF faculty and will learn how international virtual exchange can benefit students and faculty alike. Participants will receive information on the UF Global Classrooms initiative, which provides VE trainings and resources to find international collaborators for course projects. This is a #NoWallsTeaching workshop.

Thursday, July 9 from 10:00am – 11:00am via Zoom.

Applicable Passport Categories: Active Learning, Cultural Competencies, Digital Literacy, Experiential Learning, Global Learning, Student Focused Teaching


Making Online Learning Active with Team-Based Learning (TBL)

Presented by Michelle Farland & Misti Sharp
Team-based learning (TBL) is an instructional method that holds students accountable for learning before class, encourages them to stay engaged the entire class and pushes them to higher order learning.

TBL is composed of three phases: pre-class preparation, readiness assurance, and team applications. During this process students strengthen problem solving, communication, and teamwork skills while diving deep into the course objectives.

This workshop will introduce you to the basic components of TBL and identify critical elements that keep students engaged. The workshop will also demonstrate how TBL can be effectively implemented in a synchronous blended online environment. Prior to attending the workshop there is a 4-page summary of TBL to review. This is a #NoWallsTeaching workshop.

Friday, July 10 from 10:00am – 12:00pm via Zoom.

Applicable Passport Categories: Active Learning, Great Online Teaching, Student Focused Teaching, Team Based Learning (TBL) Boot Camp


New Certificate Program Offered by the UF Office of Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence

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The Office of Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence is kicking off a new certificate program this fall called Passport to Great Teaching! Earn “travel miles” by participating in workshops, conferences, faculty learning communities and much more. Receive badges after traveling 400 miles in a specific category and your certificate after traveling 1,000 miles. This program is available to faculty, postdocs, and graduate students.

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Sample Topics:  Be sure to check out the full list at the Events and Workshops page!
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Design & Facilitation of Online Discussions
Effective Feedback
Technology to Captivate Students
Getting Hired: Navigating the Academic Job Market
Flipping Your Classroom With Team-Based Learning (TBL)
Best Practices for Group Work in E-Learning