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Are you a science graduate student, postdoc or junior faculty interested in science writing? Do you want to tell engaging stories about discoveries in science and medicine to a broad audience? This is for you….

Science graduate students and postdocs, register for science writing class today!

If you think you might be interested in a career in science communication or science journalism, try this course. Students and postdocs in all disciplines are welcome.

Spring 2023

MMC6936 Science Writing, Section 2101, (1-3 credits, you choose based on how much time you have to spend on the course). You may register yourself via ONE.UF (

Mondays, Periods 9-11 (4:05 p.m. – 7:05 p.m.)

Location: FLG 0275 (Florida Gym)

Instructor: Dr. Czerne Reid

Questions? Email Dr. Reid at

Course description: Are you fascinated by the world around us? Do you want to tell engaging stories about discoveries in science and medicine? This course introduces the art and craft of science storytelling. Students will learn how to produce well-written, engaging science stories for general audiences. The course covers writing news and feature articles such as might appear in a magazine, newspaper, online news publication or other science news outlet. We will learn about and practice finding story ideas and news angles in published research, interviewing scientists, simplifying complex scientific topics, writing explanatory prose and key story elements creatively, responding to editing, pitching to an editor, fact-checking science stories, exploring careers in science communication, and other topics. Guest speakers include noted science writers and journalists. Please note that this course is not focused on writing dissertations, scientific manuscripts or grant proposals.

Learn about:

  • The breadth of careers in science writing/science communication
  • Writing science news & feature articles
  • Finding ideas for science news & feature articles
  • Interviewing researchers and others about their work
  • Reporting and writing science stories
  • Pitching your story to an editor as a freelance science writer
  • Fact-checking science stories
  • … and much more!

For more information email instructor Dr. Czerne Reid:

Postdoc Editors Association

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The UF Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is pleased to announce the creation of the UF Postdoctoral Editors Association (UF-PEA), a service to help postdocs who seek to improve English grammar and writing style.  The UF-PEA is comprised of postdoc volunteers from multiple colleges across the University who will offer preliminary review of manuscripts, grant applications, posters, slides and other scholarly presentations.  While this service will be most useful to postdocs who speak English as a second language, the service is free and open to all postdocs at UF.  Our editors will provide feedback on structure and style of writing, but refrain from commenting on scholarship which is best honed by interactions between the postdoc and their mentor.  UF-PEA will facilitate higher level postdoc-mentor interactions by reducing time spent on basic writing needs.


  • Do you love telling stories about new discoveries in science and health?
  • Do you see ideas for interesting stories all around you?
  • Is your favorite part of Science and Nature the science news articles?

If any or all of the above apply, then science writing could be a viable career option for you!

The Science Writing Career Interest Team is here to help you explore the possibilities.

This career interest team provides a venue for graduate students and postdocs to learn more about science writing as a career, engage in relevant activities, and gain valuable experience.  Activities are being planned now.  If you are interested in being a part of this team from the start and attending an organizational meeting, please contact Dr. Czerne Reid.

In the meantime, please see below for a list of resources and opportunities.


Science Writing Websites and Blogs

Science Writing Books

Science Writing Fellowship Opportunities

Science Writing Jobs Links

Some sites may require association membership.

Be sure to check the Events web page for information about seminars and workshops about building professional skills important for the science writing career pathway.