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Prioritizing Tasks and To-Dos

Friday April 2, 2021, 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Online

With college life and graduate school come multiple daily demands and things to do, each asking for your attention and time. This do-it-along style Zoom based workshop will focus on skills of prioritization and ways it can help with productivity and lower everyday stress. Bring a paper and pen along to this interactive workshop. Participants will be required to keep their videos on.

Click here for more information and registration: Prioritizing Tasks and To-Dos

This event is hosted by the Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC).

Adulting 101- Stand Out: Professionalism, Branding, and Professional Development

Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 1 p.m. – 2 p.m., Online

Take charge of your future and learn 3 key ways to stand out positively during your job or graduate school search. You are the CEO of your brand. Join this workshop to learn tips and gain resources to build your brand.

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This event is hosted by the Career Connections Center (C3).

Join the Micro-Resistance Against Microaggressions

Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., Online

Academies have openly acknowledged the importance of role models, but very little effort has been directed to address the negative psychological sequelae underrepresented individuals report and the effect that ongoing microaggressions have on their careers. Microaggressions are subtle (often implicit), patterned exchanges, looks, or gestures that devalue race or gender.

Because microaggressions can pass as acceptable questions and lines of inquiry between individuals, it is often difficult to identify them. The purpose of this session is to provide participants with hands-on micro-resistance training that can empower bystanders to address microaggressions in the workplace.

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This event is hosted by the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE).


Monday, April 5, 2021, 3 p.m. – 4 p.m., Online

During this time, students will have the opportunity to understand and explore emotions related to their experiences of grief and loss. Grief occurs in response to the loss of someone or something significant, and can result in painful and debilitating emotions. This meeting is conversational in nature and offers a space for discussing healthy and unhealthy ways of coping with losses. During this time, it is important to take care of yourself and seek support to start accepting the loss and making meanings around it. Healing usually occurs while connecting with others who may have experienced a similar loss. This monthly meeting is offered to students who would like to attend on a drop-in basis. Repeated attendance is not required but can be highly helpful.

Click here for more information and registration: Bereavement

This event is hosted by the Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC).

Motivation, Procrastination, and Burnout

Tuesday, April 6, 2021, 3 p.m. – 4 p.m., Registration

Do you find yourself feeling unmotivated and confused? Do you feel like you procrastinate and then get upset with yourself for doing so? This presentation aims to debunk some myths you may have about motivation and procrastination in order to better understand them, and review the impacts of burnout on your well-being. You will also discuss ways to navigate challenges with motivation and procrastination with the hope of reducing burnout and improving well-being.

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This event is hosted by the Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC).

Let’s Talk About: What is the “American Identity”? – April 6th



Brown Center for Leadership & Service Presents Let’s Talk About: What is the “American Identity”? Tuesday, April 6th, 5:00 – 6:30 pm on Zoom Register Now!

In an increasingly connected and diverse world, the art of conversation and civil discourse is vital. Become part of an engaging discussion between students, faculty members & a Florida politician whose perspectives span definitions of the “American Identity”. We will then join in guided small group discussions about our own narratives and what this means for our UF community. Find More Information Here.

Mastering Academic Time Management

Thursday, April 8, 2021, 2 p.m. – 3 p.m., Online

Academics commonly describe:

  • Working long hours but making little progress on their research and writing
  • A sense of loneliness that stems from limited mentoring and community
  • Feeling unsupported in their desire for work-family balance and without the skills to achieve it
  • Wondering whether the academic path is the right career choice

This webinar is specifically designed to address these issues and provide participants with concrete skills to successfully transition from graduate student to professor. Specifically, participants will learn:

  • The three biggest mistakes that new faculty make in managing their time
  • Why and how to align work time with institutional and personal priorities
  • How to create time for academic writing and research
  • How to organize a network of support and accountability for writing productivity and balance

Click here for more information and registration: Mastering Academic Time Management

This event is hosted by the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD). UF has an institutional membership to the NCFDD, which gives you access to a free membership. To activate it, please click here: National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

Why Women Dream Big & Think Small: Silencing Your Secret Critic to Live Big

2-hour Virtual Workshop 9-11AM

Apr. 9, 2021 | $99


Ideas discussed in this session include:


·     How to reignite, reframe and recreate dreams and talents to move forward

·     How to create a leadership persona of confidence and power, regardless of the circumstances

·     How to use specific strategies to rewrite inner dialogues

·     How to leverage strengths to sustain credibility



From Ordinary to Exceptional-The Prodigy Effect

2-hour Virtual Workshop 9-11AM

Apr. 16, 2021 | $99


These three strategies that take you from ordinary to exceptional will be discussed:


·     Encourage people to believe in their ability for a better future-belief is the foundation that engenders confidence and passion

·     Give them purpose, and ignite their passion-the formula for unparalleled success equals passion, plus conviction plus ability

·     Connect the subconscious and utilize NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming)-NLP helps anchor and reshape how people think while focusing on achievement and possibilities, and eliminating judgment and negative self-talk



Stress and Anxiety Management

Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 2 p.m. – 3 p.m., Online

Burn out can happen when our stress goes unaddressed in both graduate studies and beyond. In this workshop, you will gain knowledge about what stress and anxiety are and the ways that they present themselves. You will learn and practice a variety of techniques that are commonly used to assist with coping and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. These techniques are easily adaptable and can be implemented in a multitude of setting to allow for continuing practice.

Click here for more information and registration: Stress and Anxiety Management

This event is hosted by the Office of Graduate Professional Development (OGPD).


Becoming a Resilient Scientist Workshop and Facilitated Discussion Series 2021

This is a pilot program hosted by the UF CTSI Translational Workforce Development Program in collaboration with the NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE) and sponsored by the NIH/NIGMS Division of Training, Workforce Development, and Diversity.


Navigating school, the career exploration process, research environments, and the stress of life can seem overwhelming and lead us to doubt ourselves just when we need confidence the most. The goal of this series is to help you develop the resilience you need to navigate challenging situations in school, work and life. The series will consist of six webinars. The webinars will highlight emotional intelligence competencies needed for academic success and for thriving in research and healthcare careers. We will discuss the cultivation of skills to help you realize resilience and identify and deal with obstacles that get in your way. While you may participate in any of the webinars, it is best to participate in the entire series as the material relates and concepts will be developed throughout the series.


ALL webinars are from 2:00-4:00 in real-time (which includes a live Q&A, or a recording can be watched asynchronously later.)

Date Title Webinar Information Registration Link
January 26, 2021 An introduction to wellness and resilience We all experience setback and disappointments in science, work and life. In this webinar we will look at seven key elements of resilience with a focus on building habits that promote healthier responses and resilient behaviors in the face of set-back in educational and work environments.
February 15, 2021 Understanding cognitive distortions, imposter fears and stereotype threat We tell ourselves stories about what is happening to us and around us. In this webinar we will explore how our self-talk is generated and look at ways our self-talk can either help us be more resilient or how it can hurt us and hold us back. We will look at two important elements of our self-talk, cognitive distortions and imposter fears and explore ways to recognize internal messages and input from others that distorts our views of our abilities and accomplishments.
March 8, 2021 Emotional intelligence and emotion in the workplace Emotions can play a critical role in how we communicate, navigate relationships, and manage conflict. In this webinar we will discuss Emotional Intelligence and emotions and how they influence our resilience as scientists.
March 30, 2021 Self-advocacy and assertiveness for scientists We all need to develop the skills needed to be assertive and to advocate for ourselves, especially in hierarchical environments where we sometimes feel we do not have a voice. In this webinar, we will discuss how to set boundaries, communicate expectations, ask for feedback and discuss difficult issues with friends, mentors, colleagues and supervisors.
April 20, 2021 Developing feedback resilience We all need feedback to grow and learn but we often become defensive and are unable to learn from the feedback we receive, even if it is delivered well. In this webinar, we will talk about why receiving feedback is so difficult and explore ways to stay calm and engaged when receiving feedback. We will also talk about giving feedback in a calm and assertive way so that our voice can be heard.
May 10, 2021 Maximizing mentoring relationships We all need mentors to support and encourage us throughout our educational and career journey. In this webinar, we will talk about the mentoring relationship in research environments with a focus on improving your relationship with your PI, finding mentors and on improving communication and interpersonal interactions. The webinar will help clarify what you need from your supervisors and mentors and address how to get what you need from these important interactions.

For more information that may be of interest to you, please see the UF Graduate School web pages Effectiveness and Purpose and Professionalism.

Resource Spotlight: UF Graduate School Spouse and Family Resources

The Graduate School recognizes that maintaining a balance between academic and family commitments is crucial to a graduate student’s well-being and success. The Spouse and Family Resources webpage hosts a list of resources for spouses and families of graduate students, available at UF and in Alachua County.

These resources include information on the following topics:

  • Recreational access
  • Wellness and relationship care
  • Graduate student organizations: PhDMoms and UF Student-Parents
  • Graduate and Family Housing
  • Healthcare
  • Child care
  • Local school information
  • And more!

Click here for more information and resources: Spouse and Family Resources

CWC Group Support

Spring 2021 Semester, Online

During the online sessions, members listen to each other’s concerns and openly provide feedback, while the facilitator guides the conversation. These interactions help you gain an understanding of yourself and others, explore new ways of relating with others, and learn more about the ways you interact. Groups are as effective and in some cases, more effective than individual therapy. Many clients find group helps them to feel a greater sense of connection to others and normalizes what they are going through.

Spring 2021 Group Counseling at the CWC includes topics such as : Graduate Student Support, Anxiety Skills, International Student Success, Trans Empowerment, Graduate Student- Black Grads Support, Bereavement Support, and more.

Please call 352-392-1575 (8am-5pm) to arrange a brief online consultation with group leaders to see if a group is right for you! CWC groups are not drop-in appointments.

Click here for more information and full-group list: CWC Group Support

Riding Emotional Waves

Wednesdays, 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., Online

This weekly drop-in workshop from the Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC) will focus on building skills to gain more control on emotions and reduce suffering. Participants will learn core mindfulness and emotion regulation skills from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Attending all sessions is recommended, but not required, as each week will cover a new topic (see below).

Week 1 (1/27): Introducing Mindfulness and Understanding Different States of Mind

Week 2 (2/3): Practice Mindfulness by Observing, Describing, and Participating

Week 3 (2/10): Practice Mindfulness Non-judgmentally, One-mindfully, and Effectively

Week 4 (2/17): Myths and Functions of Emotions

Week 5 (2/24): Ways to Describe Emotions

Week 6 (3/3): Changing Emotions when Desired: Checking the Facts

Week 7 (3/10): Changing Emotions when Desired: Opposite Action

Week 8 (3/17): Accumulating Positive Emotions

Week 9 (3/24): Building Mastery and Coping Ahead

Week 10 (3/31): Managing Difficult Emotions

Click here for more information and registration: Riding Emotional Waves