Upcoming NRMN Webinar, APRIL 29, NOON Eastern time

Mentorship Dynamics: A Roundtable Discussion in Taking Mentorship Virtual

The National Research Mentoring Network (NMRN) and American Neurological Association (ANA) will be hosting a new webinar in the NMRN Career Development Webinar Series, with a roundtable discussion on a form of mentorship rarely highlighted, yet prevalent in the academic community. Distance mentorship allows mentor-mentee partners to continue to work together despite geography and can continue to flourish virtually. Whether the mentorship is a long distance one from the start or evolves to one over time several best practices exist to succeed. This webinar is a roundtable discussion with mentors and mentees who will discuss the successes, challenges, and tips that allowed their relationships to thrive. Join us on April 29 at 12:00 noon Eastern time.

Erika Moore, Ph.D.

The more mentors, the merrier

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the bandwidth for a mentorship relationship right now.” “I’m not sure I can help.” “Why are we meeting again?” Those are just a few of the responses I’ve received in my quest to develop a broad range of mentors. Early in my grad school training, such reactions left me feeling dejected, battling impostor syndrome, and struggling to maintain the confidence to respond or email again. Since then, however, I’ve learned that they are an inherent part of crafting a mentor network—and that the pain is worth it.
Science 371(6536):1398, 2021

Surviving Your Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Training Experiences

Compact Between Biomedical Graduate Students and Their Research Advisors

This document provides a framework for aligning the graduate student mentor-mentee relationship.  It provides some guiding principles intended to support the development of a positive mentoring relationship between the pre-doctoral student and their research advisors

Surviving Your Predoctoral and postdoctoral training

Compact Between Postdoctoral Appointees

This document provides a framework for aligning the postdoctoral mentor-mentee relationship.  It is intended to initiate discussions about the postdoctoral appointee-mentor relationship and the commitments necessary for a high quality postdoctoral training experience.

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National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD)

NCFDD is a nationally recognized, independent organization that provides online career development and mentoring resources for faculty, postdocs, and graduate students.