Training Grants

NIH-Funded Training Opportunities

The University of Florida partners with the National Institutes of Health to provide training opportunities for the next generation of scientists. To find out more about each training program, please visit the web pages linked below.

Training Grant

Program Director

Trainees Supported

Grant Description

Comprehensive Training Program in Oral Biology
Robert Burne, PhD
Supports 8 Predocs & 5 PostdocsT90 DE021990
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Type I Diabetes and Biomedical Engineering
Mark Atkinson, PhD & Benjamin Keselowsky, PhDSupports 4 PredocsT32 DK108736
Basic Microbiology and Infectious DiseaseDavid Bloom, PhD & Stephanie Karst, PhDSupports 5 PredocsT32 AI007110
Interdisciplinary Training in Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration
Dawn Bowers, PhD & David Vaillancourt, PhDSupports 4 PredocsT32 NS082168
UF Substance Abuse Training Center in Public Health
Linda Cottler, PhDSupports 4 Predocs & 2 PostdocsT32 DA035167
Integrative and Multidisciplinary Pain and Aging Research Training
Roger Fillingim, PhDSupports 4 PostdocsT32 AG049673
Training Program for Applied Research and Development in Genomic Medicine
Julie Johnson, PharmD & Thomas Pearson, PhDSupports 4 PostdocsT32 HG008958
Clinical & Translational Team ScienceWayne McCormack, PhDSupports 16 PredocsTL1 TR001428
Physical, Cognitive and Mental Health in Social Context
Michael Marsiske, PhD Supports 6 PredocsT32 AG020499
Breathing Research and Therapeutics (BREATHE)
Gordon Mitchell, PhDSupports 3 Predocs & 3 PostdocsT32 HL134621
Molecular Biology in Burns and Trauma
Lyle Moldawer, PhD Supports 4 PostdocsT32 GM008721
Short-Term Training for Medical Students in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research
Gregory Schultz, PhDSupports 20 Short-Term Medical Student TraineesT35 HL007489
Regenerative Medicine Training Grant
Edward Scott, PhDSupports 4 Predocs & 2 PostdocsT32 DK074367
Renal Training & Retention (RETAIN) Program
Mark Segal, PhD & Michelle Gumz, PhDSupports 4 Predocs & 2 PostdocsT32 DK104721
Research Training in Vision Science
W. Clay Smith, PhDSupports 5 PredocsT32 EY007132
Interdisciplinary Training in Rehabilitation and Neuromuscular Plasticity
David Fuller, PhDSupports 6 PredocsT32 HD043730
GatorStar: A New Marc U*Star Program at the University of Florida
David Julian, PhDSupports 7 UndergraduatesT34 GM118272

Training Program in Chemosensory Science
Steven Munger, PhDSupports 4 PredocsT32 DC015944
Translational Science Training to Reduce the Impact of Alcohol on HIV Infection
Robert Cook, PhDSupports 4 Predocs & 2 PostdocsT32 AA025877
Clinical and Translational Pre-Doctoral Training in Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias
Jada Lewis, PhD & Jennifer Bizon, PhDSupports 5 PredocsT32 AG061892
Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Program at the University of FloridaChenglong Li, PhDSupports 4 PredocsT32 GM136583
Translational Research Training on Aging and Mobility (TRAM)Todd Manini, PhDSupports 4 PostdocsT32 AG062728