Obtaining & Negotiating a Faculty Position

jeannine-bradyFebruary 3, 2017
Noon to 1:00 pm
Communicore Room C1-11
Presented by:  L. Jeannine Brady, PhD

As you go through your postdoctoral training, you will be thinking about the next step in your research career.  If you are considering a faculty position at a university or medical center, you will have to decide whether a tenure-track or nontenure-track position is better suited to your personal goals and ambitions.  Although both may be rewarding, this seminar will focus on the tenure-track faculty appointment.  As you embark on your search, you will face a series of challenging questions:  What do I want and need from my job?  How do I go about finding a job?  How can I ensure that my achievements and capabilities will be recognized?  How will I choose among the offers I receive?  How can I ensure that the resources I need to launch my career are included in the job package?  This seminar will explore well-tested strategies for finding and obtaining the right academic appointment.

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